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The Velut Luna's Reference Vinyl - Limited Edition (2 LP 140 GR)


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Code: VLLP 09

Author: AA. VV.
Performer: Various Performers
Duration: 1:20:19
Support: LP + FILE HD

The Velut Luna’s Reference Vinyl


The child in the cover image is me. At the age of two. It was 1963.
I’ve always loved listening to records. Certainly because of my family history, with my father who was an illustrious classical pianist and refined composer, and my mother an opera singer.
But certainly in those early years of childhood was great charm that aroused in me those black pavilions that ran on the old family turntable and from which came out my favorite fairy tales, narrated by great voices of great actors (I remember for example, Nando Gazzolo and his Little Red Riding Hood, and Hansel and Grethel, and Thumbelino, whose records I literally consumed...).
Around the age of eight or nine, the Beatles' transition from fairy tales to singles at the end of their career (Obladì, Obladà), or to the unusual and unknown sound of the Theremin used in Beach Boys' Good Vibrations, was a very natural fact.
And when I was 13 years old I started to discover Santana, Pink Floyd, Genesis, etc.etc.etc. , together with the reading of Suono and Stereoplay, it was just as natural to get involved with the images of the great reel recorders of the time, suitable for the then rare home studios.
My first love, long dreamed and never owned, was the Tascam 80-8, eight tracks on half-inch tape. And the dream microphones were the Sennheiser, the MD441 and the MD421... But the real dream was "to study me"... which will remain for a long time only, in fact, a dream.
When finally at 19 years I met the music of Jim Croce and I understood that... " Si-Can-Do!" (cit.) It was the moment when it became clear to me that sooner or later, I would do that work, I would "make records".
And the rest is history...
My culture, my tradition, my fundamental experiences, are ANALOG.
Although right from the start of my professional career in 1992, I was a standard bearer of quality digital, I never abandoned the analog and above all I never abandoned the "analog mentality".
So this ninth vinyl produced by me can only be the first of a series of "collections" of the best of the many beautiful music I have produced over the last 30 years with my Velut Luna. And on the cover you can’t find the word "Volume 1", just for luck. But if this format will be successful others will follow.
In the meantime, enjoy listening to these authentic "children" of mine.

SIDE A - 19:50

1 I-86 Going North 5:42

(Fabio Ranghiero / Lucia Minetti - Lucia Minetti)

Lucia Minetti & Fabio Ranghiero

Recorded at Magister Recording Area, Preganziol April 2022

2 Amarsi un po' 4:13

(Battisti - Mogol)

Chiara Pastò & Enrico Santacatterina

Recorded at Parco Euganeo, Montegrotto Terme, August 2021

3 Find Me 4:06

(D. Nisi)


Recorded by Andy & Claudio Bartolucci at Delta-Top Studio, Roma, August 2019

Questa storia in testa 3:21

(P.Fanton - M. Strano)

Paola Casula & Marco Strano

Recorded at Magister Recording Area, Preganziol, April 2008

5 When You Wish Upon A Star 2:32

(Harline - Washington)

Rosella Caporale, Delio Caporale & Achille Succi

Recorded at Magister Recording Area, Preganziol, June 2006


SIDE B - 20:18

1 Black Dog Blues 4:33


Nik Lee & The Jingle Fellas

Recorded at Magister Recording Area, Preganziol, April 2015

2 Funk Checking 3:31

(E. Santacatterina)

Enrico Santacatterina

Recorded by Enrico Santacatterina at E.S.P Studio, Mellaredo, October 2019

Ask The Trash Can 4:18

(G. Marzorati)

Guido Marzorati & The Blugos

Recorded by Andrea Valfrè at Magister Recording Area, Preganziol, April 2012

4 Just A Smile 4:13

(E. Santacatterina - C. Pastò)

Chiara Pastò

Recorded at Magister Recording Area, Preganziol, June 2020

5 A Salty Dog 3:45

(Procol Harum - Brooker - Reid)

Paola Casula

Recorded at Magister Recording Area, Preganziol, April 2008


SIDE C - 19:59

1 Blues Elegante 5:05

(K. Dorham)

Lorenzo De Luca, Marcello Abate, Martino De Franceschi & Marco Soldà

Recorded at Magister Recording Area, Preganziol, January 2021

2 Caravan 7:13

(D. Ellington)

Royal Big Band, Benny Lamonica conductor

Recorded at Auditorium Comunale, Chiuppano, April 2003

3 Basin Street Blues 4:13

(S. Williams)

Tiger Dixie Band

Recorded at Auditorium Comunale, Chiuppano, October 2000

4 Libertango 3:33

(A. Piazzolla)

Simone Zanchini & Modern Saxophone Quartet

Recorded at Auditorium Comunale, Chiuppano, May 2000


SIDE D - 20:12

1 Darth Vader Theme from Empire Strikes Back 2:10

(J. Williams, arr. F. Castania)

Raimondo Mazzon

Recorded at Auditorium Pollini, Padova, September 2019

2 Pas de deux from Nutcracker Suite 5:33

(P.I. Tchaikovsky)

Kostandin Tashko

Recorded at Studio Zanta, Camponogara, December 2020

3 Estate, Allegro non molto from "Le Quattro stagioni", Op. VIII, n.2 5:44

(A. Vivaldi)

Stravinsky Chamber Orchestra, Marco Tezza conductor, Daniele Ruzza, solo violin

Recorded at Chies di S. Francesco, Schio, May 1999

4 Sinfonia in sol min, KV183, Allegro con brio 6:40

(W.A. Mozart)

I Solisti dell'Olimpico, Giovanni Battista Rigon, conductor

Recorded at Teatro Olimpico, Vicenza, June 2004



Ingeniero de sonido: Marco Lincetto a menos que se indique lo contrario

Diseño gráfico: L'Image

Foto de portada: Paolo Vettore (1963)


Un sentito ringraziamento a tutti quei musicisti che hanno contribuito a rendere grande Velut Luna in questi suoi primi 30 anni.

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