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Code: CVLD 278

Author: AAVV
Performer: ROBERTO FAVARO (Sax Solo)
Duration: 49:29
Support: cd
In Volo
"In volo" is a project that offers one of the most complete descriptions of what a sax solo can do with Music. Using tenor, and alto and soprano sax, Roberto Favaro introduces a kaleidoscope of sounds, that take us into a wonderful musical journey. And the extraordinary recording tecnique undertakes to enter directly into the Sala A of MagisterArea Recording Studio: here you can find a natural and native reverb, that help the Music to find the most correct mood for each piece played.
But now, please read the words of Roberto Favaro, to portray his music:
"Over the years, through various experiences and musical collaborations, I realized that the boundaries and labels of various musical genres are less rigid than it may seem and so I developed my idea of contemporary music, or at least of what it is the very definition for me.
I intend to define the contemporary music with more breathing space in order to broaden the concept of contemporary music of our time that, regardless of the type of musical writing, captures and expresses moods , the various influences and contamination between styles of our time making us live the music of the present. A flight with open arms among the last forty years of Italian music covering some of the compositions that I feel closest to me both for the relationship with the melody that over the years I have always sought, and for the collaboration with composers of chosen songs that allowed me to feel them closer to my playing. Among my compositions instead I selected those that I think express these concepts, from the descriptive “In volo” to the blues influences of “Sale Blu” and the contemporary style of “Improvvisamente... Niente...” thus completing the journey through feelings, emotions and music with no boundaries of style."

Roberto Favaro, graduated in Saxophone and Jazz, he studied with M.Mazzoni, M.Marzi and F.Mondelci, and he also followed P.Tonolo and C.Fasoli jazz courses. He also achieved the “Diploma Accademico di II livello” in saxophone. Winner of national and international competitions, he has a Duo with a piano, he founded the “Aliseo” saxophone quartet, and the “DUOduemilaDUE”, a particular formation of accordion and saxophone that recorded “Figure in movimento su sfondo bruno”, a contemporary piece by Mario Pagotto. He is a member of saxophone ensemble “Hallo Mr. Sax!” of Parma conducted by Mario Marzi who recorded the homonymous CD and the CD “Gershwin”. He participated in numerous classical and contemporary music festivals, like “Biennale Musica” in Venice with the orchestra conducted by S.Bussotti and with IRCAM in Paris, 14th World Saxophone Congress in Lubiana, and in “Le Centre de Musique et d’Art” and the American University of Beirut. He participated in the “Itinerari Jazz” festival in Trento performing with the vocalist Noa and with the Orchestra Laboratorio conducted by Giancarlo Gazzani. He collaborates with many musical groups and orchestras like the Orchestra Filarmonia Veneta also as soloist, the RAI National Symphony Orchestra of Torino, with whom he performed radio and TV recordings, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Torino, the Orchestra of Teatro G.Verdi of Trieste, the Orchestra of Teatro La Fenice of Venice, the Orchestra of Teatro Regio of Torino, conducted by L.Berio, G.Pretre, D.Robertson, D.Oren, F.Shipway and I.Karabtchevsky. With the Ricatti Ensemble he recorded the CDs “Ricatti Ensemble”, “Suites” and “Ad ore piene” and performs recitals in different environments, from the theatre to dance, from the concert to the street. He has written some compositions for sax solo and music based on poems by Hikmet. He is Professor of Saxophone at Conservatorio “G.Martucci” of Salerno and in 2014 was invited to give a masterclass at the Koninklijk Conservatorium of Antwerp.

01 - In Volo (2007) Roberto Favaro 4:27 soprano sax
02 - Studio solistico da concerto (1988) Eraclio Sallustio 3:24 tenor sax
03 - Burn! (2004) Giovanni Mancuso 6:05 tenor sax
04 - Incantation (1980) Carlo-Alessandro Landini 14:58 alto sax
05 - Comme l’oiseau (2003) Stefano Maria Ricatti 2:21 tenor sax
06 - Sale Blu (2012) Roberto Favaro 3:04 alto sax
07 - Brume (2016) Stefano Maria Ricatti 11:05 tenor sax
08 - Improvvisamente... Niente... (2015) Roberto Favaro 4:01 alto sax

Total Time: 49:29

24bit / 88.2kHz original recording made at Magister Area Studio, Preganziol, Italy,
on January 29th, 30th 2016
Production: Velut Luna
Executive Producer: Marco Lincetto
Musical Producer: Roberto Favaro
Recording, Editing, Mix & Mastering: Marco Lincetto
Layout: L’Image
Cover Photo “Goccia di cielo”: Roberto Favaro
Inside Photo: Marco Lincetto
Rear Photos (Archive)
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