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Code: CVLD 249

Author: Jacopo Morroni
Performer: SICK 4 MILK ( J. Morroni, G. Cascioli, A. Falcone, R. Finili, M. Aprile )
Duration: 37:39
Support: cd

It’s always difficult to talk about something that involves you directly. Like, for example, of an
album for which you take care of the artistic production. And an album, if you have decided to
devote yourself to it, to offer it your time, your skills, your commitment, is like a son. Although you
didn’t write it, or perform it, you end up being part of it. I have produced about twenty albums, I
could’ve produce more, maybe, but I always chose to work with and for the quality. Presenting this
album, this one, is even more difficult because we are talking about two sons, plus a few adopted
ones. It’s not a secret, Jacopo, Sick 4 Milk’s leader, is my son. I have known some of his adventure
pals since they had just started to wear long trousers, some since when I still had the slight hope of
keeping some hair on my head. Have I artistically produced my son’s album? No, even though
there wouldn’t be anything wrong with this: I produced Sick 4 Milk’s first album, a band of which
I’ve been a fan since the first concerts at some roman pubs. I’m hypercritical with my sons, with the
legitimated and the adopted. I have been so for all these years (not so many, but a lot compared to
the age of the band’s members), until, as passionate and professional in the “music and similar”
business, I understood that this talent, obvious since long time ago, penetrated deep down these
guys’ souls, leading them to an artistic maturity that some groups more from my time than theirs,
still haven’t reached.
I didn’t decide to do an album: chatting one night with Marco Lincetto, I asked him to listen to a
piece, the first one in unplugged version that was on youtube, just to have his opinion. Marco, after
a few minutes wrote to me: Excellent, I want to do this album. I didn’t have to struggle or convince
anybody and this was a great relief. And it gave me confort in my assumption of knowing music
well and of recognising talents, in other words of knowing how to do my beautiful job. I obviously
knew that the Velut Luna recording would have been of high quality, it was perfect indeed.
Then come what may, these guys are talented, not only in music, and this being talented in many
other things other than music, is in my opinion the reason why at their young age they already look
like a mature and famous group. Because I never believed in talent without intelligence and
knowledge or at least the desire to learn. And forgive me if I badly quoted Miles Davis.
If I may say, I will end this short presentation with a genetic-affective-animistic note: The acoustic
ovation that Jacopo plays is the one that belonged to his uncle Danilo who left it prematurely as an
inheritance to his unworthy brother who passed it to his son (a very long loan) It is the number
1037, the first to arrive to Italy. And in the last 35 years it played very well its role treading the
stage all over Italy and around the world without ever missing a beat.

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