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Code: CVLD210

Author: A A. V V.
Performer: A A. V V.
Duration: 60'05''
Support: cd
POP: original compositions by F. S. Key, J. Van Heusen-J. Burke, J. Styne-L. Robin, B. Dylan, S. Mc Kenzie, J. Phillips-M. Phillips, M. Jagger-K. Richards, G. Paoli, P. Simon, E. Bennato, A. C. Jobim, Quilapayùn-S. Ortega, D. Gilmour-R. Waters, G. Marzorati.
Featuring: Cheryl Porter, Massimo Salvagnini Quartet & Stefano Riva, Nina & Marco Strano, Mideando String Quartet, Enrico Santacatterina, Melting Pop & Emilia Vecchi, Four Fried Fish, Nina & Villa el Salvador, Sax Four Fun & Cristina Sartori, Paola Casula & Alessandro Mozzi, Ninni Arini, Tatiana Maria Meira de Aguiar & Alberto Boischio, Alejandro Martinez & Maurizio Scomparin, Fabiana Martone & Fabio Ranghiero, Guido Marzorati.
This is a live-in-studio recording, using vintage instruments from Sixties and Seventies: so it will not be strange, if you will listen to anykind of “isss” or “uhmmm” from Marshall or Fender tube amplifier, or “natural distortion” from Leslie amplifier of original Hammond B3…
Each recording has been appropriately realized, on original arrangement ad hoc, by Marco Lincetto at the Magister Area Studios in Preganziol (with the exception of “El pueblo...”, recorded by Alejandro Martinez in his own studio in Padua), using 24bit/88.2kHz digital recorder; and Marco Lincetto also have mixed and mastered each piece of this CD.

Marco Lincetto, Velut Luna owner, says: "The choice and the sequence of the pieces presented in this CD is apparently devoid of a musical common line. The other title thought for this project, till a short while ago, was “The wild strawberries patch”: indeed the meaning of this collection must be searched in a joining motive different from music in itself ... that is in myself, who conceived it and who, in this Anno Domini 2011, is going to be fifty years old. Initially this CD shouldn’t even be published, being my personal gift to myself for my fifth birthday; but then my collaborators suggested that probably many other people, contemporary and not, could have identify themselves and gain satisfaction from the publication of this material, and therefore it was decided to insert it in the now large Velut Luna catalogue.

For all the important anniversaries (and “fifty” years are undoubtedly so) some people treat themselves to a precious object, a big party or an epic journey. I decided to treat myself to a journey in my memory, through the rereading of those musical pieces that contributed to my character-building, in the widest meaning of the word. They mostly are the songs that I listened to when I was 15 to 20 years old, and must be told that I was a rather eclectic boy: in those years I was studying the clarinet, due to my passion for American swing music of the Forties, and Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller were my heroes (and that’s why “Polka dots and moonbeams”). The Seventies were passing, but I was grown up very close to my aunt, who was a little older than me and who has been a teenager during the end of the Sixties, and this, in some way, left me a very strong “imprinting” of the culture of the wonderful “season of love”. Therefore here we have some of the symbolic songs of that legendary period: “Like a rolling stone”, “San Francisco”, “California dreaming”, “The sounds of silence”, “Jumping Jack Flash”.

Another insane passion of mine bound to those years was the poetic spirit, very “maudit” like, of those Italian singer-songwriters belonging to the so-called “Genoese school” of which, undoubtedly, Gino Paoli was the principal standard bearer. Therefore two symbol pieces of him couldn’t be missing here: “Sapore di sale” and “Senza fine”.

Every teenager ends by falling in love, more or less Platonic-like, with a movie star ( perhaps nowadays boys fall in love with TV soubrettes ... but this is another story, and it’s another epoch ...), and it occurred to me too, and I must say that I treated myself rather well, since the object of my desire was a true icon of female glamour and fascination of all time, that is the unforgettable Marilyn Monroe ... and I believe that “Bye bye, baby” best represents her.

But then the “contemporary” reality of my adolescence, that is in the middle of the Seventies, could not possibly not include the great English rock (here represented by the splendid and longing “Wish you were here” by Pink Floyd) and the deep ideals of rebellion and freedom, of which the Chilean people and the band of Inti Illimani particularly rose as a simbol: “El pueblo unido jamas serà vencido” was sung by the students in the squares, all together, with the left fist up, wearing the Eskimo and the Clarks.
And finally the singer-songwriters of my generation, which here I decided to represent with whom I felt, more than any other, alike me: Edoardo Bennato, with his masterpiece “Un giorno credi”, from his first album.

At the beginning of the Eighties, the ending of my adolescence and my first steps in adult age coincided with the discovery of a musical world that, by my point of view, was “alternative”, among which the “ethnic” music. Therefore comes the Brazil, with its bossa-nova, here represented by the wonderful “Agua de Março” by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Finally, quite a different matter are the two pieces that respectively open and close the CD: “Stars Spangled Banner”, that is the national hymn of the United States of America, and “Journey of hope” by Guido Marzorati.
Paraphrasing a fragment of the renowned prologue by Woody Allen’s movie “Manhattan”, I can just say, with ill-concealed pride: “I love America and I have always loved it”. As the years go by, my life can more and more be considered as a long interval between a journey in U.S.A. and the successive one. Instead, the piece sung by Guido Marzorati completes the concept expressed by my love for America and for its ideals: that is the projection to the future, with the constant hope and the firm belief of a better world".
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